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Ads: Other collectables

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Listed below are Other collectables items for you to car boot sale online here that you will find available in Harrogate.
If you cannot find the Other collectables items that you are looking for in Harrogate you can add your wanted item to let sellers contact you if they have any Other collectables items available for you. You can keep your contact information confidential. Enter only an email address in your car boot sale ad to receive offers into your account on our system. We will remind you automatically when new offers arrive for you.
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My Soul
My Soul
23-09-2010 19:39 by Facebook via Oodle.com Price: 7 000 GBP £

As an Atheist I dont believe in my soul, so I'm willing to write up a contract and sell this to anyone who wants it. Apart from Tom Cruise and Will Smith..

Item offered for sale: Other collectables in United Kingdom, Harrogate ... View detailed ...
nokia 8801
nokia 8801
23-01-2009 13:12 by Ad-mart via Oodle.com Price: 250 GBP £

Kelly Smith (Sales Rep) Cell Link Inc 4 dragon road harrogate Yorkshire England postal code hg1 5db tel:44703XXXXXX XXXX@yahoo.com LATEST NEW YEAR OFFER ON GSM/PDA PHONES WE ARE CERTIFIED WHOLESALERS OF VARIOUS GSM MOBILE PDA/PHONES AT VERY AFFORDABLE PRICES ATTACH IS OUR VERY CURRENT PRICE LIST OF GSM PHONES FOR YOUR REFERENCE ALL PHONES/PDA ARE BRAND NEW SIM FREE/OPEN LINES/UNLOCK Latest Mobile phones Price offer Brand New NOKIA Phones In Stock ================================ NOKIA N92 =200 USD NOKIA N91 =1800 USD NOKIA N90 =170 USD Nokia 1100 US$55 Nokia 2100 US$45 Nokia 2300 US$60 Nokia 3100 US$65 Nokia 3108 US$60 Nokia 3200 US$75 Nokia 3230 US$95 Nokia 3300 - US$85 Nokia 3310 US$25 Nokia 3315 US$29 Nokia 3330 US$30 Nokia 3350 US$35 Nokia 3410 US$35 Nokia 3510 US$40 Nokia 3510i US$45 Nokia 3530 US$50 Nokia 3595 US$45 Nokia 3610 US$55 Nokia 3650 US$185 Nokia 3660 US$195 Nokia 5100 US$65 Nokia 5140 US$110 Nokia 5210 US$40 Nokia 5510 US$105 Nokia 5550 US$50 Nokia 5170iR US$39 Nokia 6020 US$130 Nokia 6670 US$105 Nokia 6630 US$175 Nokia 6100 US$80 Nokia 6108 US$90 Nokia 6220 US$105 Nokia 6230 US$110 Nokia 6260 US$135 Nokia 6310 US$69 Nokia 6310i US$70 Nokia 6500 US$60 Nokia 6510 US$60 Nokia 6600 US$135 Nokia 6610 US$80 Nokia 6630 US$175 Nokia 6170 US$145 Nokia 6650 US$82 Nokia 6800 US$105 Nokia 6820 US$110 Nokia 7200 US$185 Nokia 7210 Turquoise US$100 Nokia 7230 US$120 Nokia 7250 US$120 Nokia 7250i US$120 Nokia 7260 US$135 Nokia 7280 US$155 Nokia 7600 US$165 Nokia 7610 US$195 Nokia 7650 US$160 Nokia 8250 US$65 Nokia 8310 US$90 Nokia 8910 Titanium US$160 Nokia 8910 Black US$165 Nokia 8910i US$185 Nokia 8890 US$115 Nokia 8850 Special Edition US$105 Nokia 8850 Gold Edition US$110 Nokia 8855 US$115 Nokia 9210 Communicator US$195 Nokia 9210i Communicator US$195 Nokia N-Gage US$110 Nokia 9500 (communicator US$210 Sony Ericsson P800 US$155 Sony Ericsson P900 US$205 Sony Ericsson P910i US$210 Sony Ericsson T20e US$35 Sony Ericsson T20s US$39 Sony Ericsson T28s US$39 Sony Ericsson T28 World US$45 Sony Ericsson T29s US$49 Sony Ericsson T100 US$30 Sony Ericsson T105 US$35 Sony Ericsson T200 US$45 Sony Ericsson T230 US$55 Sony Ericsson T300 US$55 Sony Ericsson T310 US$50 Sony Ericsson T600 US$69 Sony Ericsson T610 US$130 Sony Ericsson T630 US$135 Sony Ericsson T68i US$105 Sony Ericsson T68m US$110 Sony Ericsson Z200 US$100 Sony Ericsson Z600 US$170 Sony CMD-J5 US$30 Sony CMD-Z7 US$35 Sony CMD-J7 US$40 Sony CMD-J6 US$40 Sony CMD-Z5 US$90 Sony CMD-MZ5 US$155 Sony Ericsson R520m US$100 Sony Ericsson R380 World US$90 Sony Ericsson R380s US$105 Sony Ericsson R600 US$35 Sony Ericsson S700 US$175 Sony Ericsson K500i US$180 Sony Ericsson K700i US$189 Samsung SGH A200 US$50 Samsung SGH A300 US$40 Samsung SGH A500 US$70 Samsung SGH A800 US$70 Samsung SGH C100 US$85 Samsung SGH E400 US$125 Samsung SGH E600 US$129 Samsung SGH E700 US$130 Samsung SGH E715 US$155 Samsung SGH-E810 US$140 Samsung SGH-E820 US$150 Samsung SGH-E800 US$155 Samsung SGH-E850 US$140 Samsung SGH D410 US$150 Samsung SGH D500 US$155 Samsung SGH P400 US$135 Samsung SGH P510 US$139 Samsung SGH N188 US$110 Samsung SGH N288 US$60 Samsung SGH N500 US$60 Samsung SGH N620 US$60 Samsung SGH M100 US$45 Samsung SGH P400 US$140 Samsung SGH P410 US$145 Samsung SGH P500 US$155 Samsung SGH Q105 US$40 Samsung SGH Q300 US$70 Samsung SGH R220 US$30 Samsung SGH R225 US$25 Samsung SGH S100 US$90 Samsung SGH S200 US$100 Samsung SGH S300 US$105 Samsung SGH S307 US$130 Samsung SGH S500 US$109 Samsung SGH T100 US$100 samsung SGH S105 US$35 Samsung SGH T200 US$125 Samsung SGH T400 US$60 Samsung SGH T500 US$90 Samsung SGH T700 US$99 Samsung SGH V200 US$105 Samsung SGH VM680 US$100 Samsung SGH X400 US$105 Samsung SGH X410 US$130 Samsung SGH X426 US$129 Samsung SGH-C200 US$125 Samsung SGH-X460 US$140 Samsung SGH-X450 US$130 Samsung SGH-X120 US$99 Samsung SGH X600 US$145 Samsung SGH-X610 US$140 Samsung SGH-Z105 US$120 Motorola A008 US$50 Motorola A388 US$70 Motorola A388c US$120 Motorola A820 US$65 Motorola C330 US$20 Motorola C331 US$25 Motorola C332 US$30 Motorola C333 US$35 Motorola C350 US$69 Motorola E360 US$60 Motorola E365 US$110 Motorola E380 US$95 Motorola E398 US$125 Motorola MPX200 US$180 Motorola Accompli 008 US$49 Motorola Timeport 280 US$80 Motorola T190T US$25 Motorola Talkabout 191 US$25 Motorola T720 US$65 Motorola T720i US$85 Motorola V3Razor US$145 Motorola V66 US$60 Motorola V60 US$70 Motorola V60i US$75 Motorola V70 US$105 Motorola V80 US$115 Motorola V290 US$80 Motorola V750 US$125 Motorola V3688+ US$20 Motorola V8088 US$30 Motorola V525 US$139 Motorola V300 US$130 Motorola V400 US$125 Motorola V500 US$130 Motorola V600 US$140 Siemens A35 US$15 Siemens A40 US$19 Siemens A50 US$25 Siemens A52 US$29 Siemens A55 US$30 Siemens C45 US$30 Siemens C55 US$35 Siemens CL50 US$70 Siemens CL55 US$65 Siemens CT56 US$30 Siemens M50 US$35 Siemens M55 US$120 Siemens MC60 US$79 Siemens ME45 US$50 Siemens S45 US$60 Siemens SL42 US$65 Siemens SL45i US$69 Siemens S55 US$85 Siemens SL55 US$125 Siemens SX45 US$155 Siemens SX1 US$180 Siemens Xelibri 1 US$60 Siemens Xelibri 2 US$70 Siemens Xelibri 3 US$110 Siemens Xelibri 4 US$80 Siemens Xelibri 5 US$65 Siemens Xelibri 6 US$85 Siemens Xelibri 7 US$85 Siemens Xelibri 8 US$95 Panasonic G50 US$80 Panasonic G51 US$95 Panasonic GD35 US$20 Panasonic GD52 US$25 Panasonic GD55 US$49 Panasonic GD67 US$39 Panasonic GD75 US$45 Panasonic GD87 US$125 Panasonic GD88 US$129 Panasonic GD90 US$30 Panasonic GD92 US$30 Panasonic GD93 US$20 Panasonic GD95 US$39 Panasonic X70 US$120 Panasonic X66 US$110 Panasonic X68 US$115 Panasonic A101 US$110 Panasonic A102 US$120 Alcatel OneTouch 301 US$20 Alcatel OneTouch 302 US$25 Alcatel OneTouch 303 US$30 Alcatel OneTouch 511 US$35 Alcatel OT525 US$39 Alcatel One Touch 501 US20 Alcatel One Touch 311 US$25 Alcatel One Touch 701 US$30 Alcatel One Touch 512 US$40 Alcatel One Touch 715 US$55 NEC N830 US$85 NEC N710 US$70 NEC C616 US$110 NEC N900 US$150 NEC N820 US$80 NEC N910 US$170 NEC N700 US$55 Sharp GX1 US$99 Sharp GX10 US$100 Sharp GX10i US$110 Sharp GX15 US$110 Sharp GX20 US$125 Sharp GX30 US$135 Philips Fisio 120 US$25 Philips Fisio 311 US$30 Philips Fisio 620 US$35 Philips Fisio 825 US$35 Philips XAnium US$45 Philips Fisio 820 + Kit Blue US$49 Nextel i55sr US$65 Nextel i2000plus US$35 Nextel i58sr US$30 Nextel i530 US$35 Nextel i205 US$20 Nextel i305 US$25 Nextel i35s US$29 Nextel i88 US$30 Nextel i90 US$59 Nextel i95cl US$70 Nextel i60c US$40 Nextel 6510TM US$110 Nextel i730 US$85 Nextel i733 US$95 Nextel i736 US$105 Nextel i830 US$115 Nextel i860 US$125 Nextel i930 US$140 LIST OF refurbished phones we have in stock Nokia 1100 US$30 Nokia 2100 US$35 Nokia 2300 US$50 Nokia 3100 US$55 Nokia 3108 US$50 Nokia 3200 US$55 Nokia 3230 US$75 Nokia 3300 - US$65 Nokia 3310 US$20 Nokia 3315 US$22 Nokia 3330 US$22 Nokia 3350 US$23 Nokia 3410 US$28 Nokia 3510 US$30 Nokia 3510i US$43 Nokia 3530 US$40 Nokia 3595 US$35 Nokia 3610 US$44 Nokia 3650 US$150 Nokia 3660 US$165 Nokia 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Ericsson P910i US$195 Sony Ericsson T20e US$25 Sony Ericsson T20s US$30 Sony Ericsson T28s US$30 Sony Ericsson T28 World US$35 Sony Ericsson T29s US$35 Sony Ericsson T100 US$20 Sony Ericsson T105 US$25 Sony Ericsson T200 US$35 Sony Ericsson T230 US$35 Sony Ericsson T300 US$45 Sony Ericsson T310 US$40 Sony Ericsson T600 US$50 Sony Ericsson T610 US$120 Sony Ericsson T630 US$110 Sony Ericsson T68i US$90 Sony Ericsson T68m US$100 Sony Ericsson Z200 US$90 Sony Ericsson Z600 US$120 Sony CMD-J5 US$25 Sony CMD-Z7 US$25 Sony CMD-J7 US$35 Sony CMD-J6 US$30 Sony CMD-Z5 US$75 Sony CMD-MZ5 US$140 Sony Ericsson R520m US$60 Sony Ericsson R380 World US$75 Sony Ericsson R380s US$95 Sony Ericsson R600 US$30 Sony Ericsson S700 US$150 Sony Ericsson K500i US$155 Sony Ericsson K700i US$155 SONY ERICSSON P910a $130USD SONY ERICSSON P910i $120USD SONY ERICSSON P900 $100USD SONY ERICSSON K700i $85USD SOMY ERICSSON W800i $220 PDA's HP IPaq Pocket PC H4150 ========= $190 Asus MyPal A716 ================= $175 HP IPaq Pocket PC H4350 ========= $185 Toshiba Pocket PC E405 ========== $120 Sony Clie PEG-TH55 ============== $155 Toshiba Pocket PC E800 ========== $220 PalmOne Zire 72================== $120 PalmOne Tungsten E ============== $90 PalmOne Tungsten C ============== $140 PalmOne Zire 31 ================= $65 palm Treo 650=====================$240 Please feel free to contact us with your Quotation and Location Thanks ===== kelly smith sales rep XXXX@yahoo.

Item offered for sale: Other collectables in United Kingdom, Harrogate ... View detailed ...
Results found: 2
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Well here you go. Good luck with your on line car boot sale in Harrogate. We hope you have some success and find buyers/sellers that you are looking for in Other collectables .
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We are sure you will find many people in Harrogate looking for your Other collectables.